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Exciting New Programs Coming Fall 2018

Great Value / Awesome Experience

Starting Saturday, September 8th, 2018, our recreational soccer program will be a brand new, exciting experience, in partnership with Evolution Soccer programs.

  • We are adding amazing value for the U4-U6 age groups, with a full uniform, shin guards and a ball included, and a Dinomites themed experience that takes the players through a story week by week, supported by a paid coach and a detailed, printed curriculum guide. Check out the flyer below...

  • Our developmental U7-U8 players will get an international team jersey and follow professionally planned training programs, as well as games against each other, learning about the teams and countries whose colors they’ll be wearing, supported by a paid coach. Check out the flyer below...

Working with Evolution Soccer Programs, this will deliver a better family soccer experience called e3 Soccer. e3 Soccer helps elevate the Emotion, Environment and Experience that a soccer organization creates to impact the satisfaction and enjoyment that players, coaches, parents and administrators get from the game.

Adding all this extra value, while keeping the costs low has been a top priority for the board this summer and we’re very excited to be rolling this out. This experience is going to be a lot of fun for the kids!