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Are you still unclear as to whether your child should play rec or travel soccer? Here are some basic explanations of what each is. Hopefully after this quick read, you will have a better idea which division your child is better suited for.


The Wethersfield George D. Ritchie Soccer Club (WGDRSC) offers 3 distinct soccer programs that facilitate development and play for players of all abilities between 3 and 18 years old. You can click on any program listed below for additional details about each. There is additional registration dates and info below the table.



U4-U5   Co-ed Clinic 1 Saturday Only Saturday Only Wethersfield Fields Only 3rd Week of Sept -
3rd Week of Oct (6-7 Weeks)
3rd Week of April -
2nd Week of June (6-7 Weeks)
NO Lora Klementon
U6   Co-ed Developmental 1/1
Saturday Only
(Before Game)
Saturday Only
(After Practice)
Wethersfield Fields Only 3rd Week of Sept -
1st Week of Nov (7-8 Weeks)
3rd Week of April -
1st Week of June (5-6 Weeks)
NO Kevin Pedneault
U7   Co-ed Developmental 1/1 Saturday only (before games)

Saturday only

(after practice)

Wethersfield Fields Only 3rd Week of Sept -
1st Week of Nov (7-8 Weeks)
3rd Week of April -
1st Week of June (5-6 Weeks)



U8   Co-ed Developmental 1/1 Usually Any Weekday Friday evenings or Saturday Wethersfield Fields Only 3rd Week of Sept -
1st Week of Nov (7-8 Weeks)
3rd Week of April -
1st Week of June (5-6 Weeks)
NO Darren Hobbs


Separate Boys
Girls Teams
Developmental 1/1 Usually Any Day
Weekends Wethersfield Fields and
Surrounding Towns
3rd Week of Sept -
1st Week of Nov (7-8 Weeks)
3rd Week of April -
1st Week of June (5-6 Weeks)



  Separate Boys
Girls Teams
(By Grade)
2/2 Usually Any Day
Saturday AND
Mostly Greater Hartford
Cup Games - Statewide
Tournaments - Out of State
1st Week of Sept ~
2nd Week of Nov
1st Week of April ~
3rd Week of June
1-3 Sessions/
(By Team)
Team Coaches/


Are you still unsure?

Recreational Soccer ('Rec Soccer') is typically the first step in Wethersfield's soccer development program.  All PreK-2 rec activities are at local fields within town. The older age groups may travel to adjacent towns to play other rec teams. This program starts when children enter Pre-Kindergarten and is designed to foster the love of the game and give children a sense of the game and the initial skills that they will need to develop as young soccer players. All kids will share equal playing time regardless of ability. All boys and girls of appropriate ages are encouraged to play Rec soccer as they begin their soccer careers. Rec soccer seasons encompass only a single season (Spring or Fall).

  • Spring rec seasons usually go from around the last week of April until the 2nd week of June (give or take a week to start or end).
  • Fall rec seasons usually go from the middle of September until about the first week of November (give or take a week to start or end).

There are 4 stages of recreational soccer in Wethersfield:

PreK  (Open to children 3 and up who are currently eligible for a prek program)  The prek program is faciliatated by professional coaches.  Your child will need a size 3 ball and shin guards. 

Kindergarten/Grade 1 (Open to children currently enrolled in Kindergarten/grade 1) are two separate co-ed programs offered for Kindergarten/1st grade players.  The objective at this level will be to continue to develop their individual skills. This program is has a 45 minute practice followed by a 45 minute game time. Games are a 3 v3 format.  This program is overseen by volunteer coaches.  Please consider offering to coach a team this season.

Grade 2 (Open to children currently enrolled in grade 2)  This program is the bridge to our travel program which begins in Grade 3.  Players at this level will continue to focus on individual skill development while learning the basic rules of the game.  The format for this program is 5v5 with a goalie. These teams are coaches by volunteers.  Please consider offering to coach a team this season.

Seniors ( 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders)

  • Senior Level is the program offered for the children in grades 6-8.  At this level an 11v11 game is played against teams from other neighboring towns.  An understanding of the basic rules of the game is helpful for first time players.  An emphasis on skill and team development will continue at this level.  Seniors usually have only a single practice per week and one game per week, but they may do more at times. Like Juniors games are played here in Wethersfield and at the fields of other towns around Greater Hartford.

**Each child needs a pair of shin guards and a soccer ball. PreK-Grade 2 will use a size 3 soccer ball. Cleats are preferred but sneakers are appropriate as well. Be sure to bring a water bottle to each practice and game. 

Please contact division directors directly with any questions.

Travel Soccer Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. When are Travel Soccer Try-Outs?

Travel soccer try-outs usually take place after Memorial Day.  Detailed Try-out dates & times for each age group will be posted on the website during the month of May. 

  1. Q. Who should try out?

Travel soccer is for the committed soccer player who is looking for more of a challenge in order to continue to grow as a soccer player. If your child is showing a passion and talent for playing soccer and is willing to commit to playing soccer five to seven  hours per week in the fall and spring season, then he or she is ready for travel soccer.

  1. Q. What is the procedure for tryouts?

Before your child can try out, parents must register and pay for the child in the proper travel tryout program.  All the registration information is listed under on www.WethersfieldSoccer.com

  1. What team do I tryout for?

  Q. Will there be tryouts for goalkeepers?
Yes. Tryouts will be held for goalkeepers that will be playing in the U12, U13, and U14 age groups and older age groups if there is a team. The idea here is to identify the players who want to focus on the goalkeeper position and one will be selected for each of the teams in those age groups, assuming enough attend the tryouts. Throughout the season, those players will be provided specific goalkeeper training outside of their team practice, along with the other keepers in WGDRSC. The goalkeepers selected should expect to play the position more than 50% of the time. U11 boys and girls who would like to attend the training are welcome to.  Although training for the goalkeeper position is important, it is more imperative that players at the U9, U10, and U11 levels play other positions on the field and continue to develop their foot skills. No player in the U9, U10, and U11 age group should be playing more than 50% of the time in the goalkeeper position.

  1. Q. Should my child attend tryouts?

Tryouts are mandatory.  If a registered participant cannot attend a tryout an e-mail should be sent to the Travel Director.  Missing a tryout may affect a participant’s chances of being placed on a travel team.  Players missing tryouts will be placed on the lowest leveled travel squad if multiple squads exist and if a roster position is available.   Exceptions will only be made for existing players in extenuating circumstances (i.e., injuries, family emergencies, etc.).

  1. Q. My child is already on a travel soccer team. Is it necessary for him/her to try out again?

Yes.  Please see above (6.)

  1. Q. How will the Travel teams be selected?

The Travel teams are selected by skill level. WGDRSC will use a combination of the previous coach’s evaluation, trainers who have worked with the team, and the tryout process to determine the player’s abilities, and place them on the appropriate team. We recognize that abilities change as players grow and mature both physically and within the game.
All rosters and cuts must be approved by the Board of Directors.  Only the Board of Directors, not a coach, can authorize and approve a roster.

  1. Q. When will my child be notified about what team he or she is going to be on?

Players will be notified via email of the tryout results.  Please be sure to verify the e-mail address provided during registration as this will be the only means of communicating team selections.  Players will be assigned by July 15th.


  1. Q. What is the club’s policy on Refunds?

Refund policy
Adopted in 11/2012
80% refund of registration fee prior to first game of the season
50% prior to 5/1 or 10/1
No refund after 5/1 or 10/1
Refund will be applied to next season's registration if applicable.

  1. Q. Will my child be on a team with the same players and/or coaches who are with his or her travel soccer team this year?

Not necessarily.  Player skills and bodies change rapidly in youth soccer. WGDRSC forms teams based on the information gathered on the tryout registration form, results from the tryout process and the current team’s coach evaluation. Additionally, coaches are assigned after WGDRSC approves the team formations each year.  Coaches may or may not be approved / assigned to coach the same team again.

  1. Q. How many teams will there be in each age group?

It depends on the # of registered players trying out for the age group.  At the U9, U10, and U11 (8 v 8), the goal is to form teams with 12-14 players per team for each age/gender group.  At the U12, U13, and U14 (11 v 11), the goal is to form teams with 16-18 players per team for each age/gender group.  These are guidelines and circumstances unique to an age/gender group could modify the team placements from year to year.   

  1. Q. Can my child “play up”?  

No, players on WGDRSC travel teams will be placed on a team with others from the same grade and should attend the tryout for their grade/age group as defined above. 

  1. Q. I understand that travel soccer is a two-season sport, but what if my child doesn’t want to play travel soccer in the spring?

WGDRSC’s travel soccer program is comprised of fall & spring seasons, as this gives children the best opportunity to develop as players. If you know your child will not be playing travel soccer in the spring, you should consider placing your child in our rec program.  This will enable us to create more stable travel teams over the two seasons and minimize roster disruptions created by players who withdraw in the spring. If your child decides to withdraw from travel soccer during the course of the year, please notify your team’s coach and the WGDRSC travel director immediately so that a replacement can be identified in a timely manner.  Last minute withdrawals will not be viewed favorably in future years.  There will also be an impact to refunds of travel fees for withdrawing after you have accepted a position on the team. 



  • Travel Soccer: Todd Malloy

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact any of the program directors or board members directly. You can click on their names in the above table. If you are unsure about which person to contact, please feel free to send your inquiry to and it will be forward it to the appropriate person. 

Thank you!
-The WGDRSC Board